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What We Teach

Vinyasa, Boot camp, Power and Slow Flow

Vinyasa All Levels - In this class, you will learn how to connect breath to movement while working through a vigorous flow of poses that combine strength, flexibility and endurance. This class is meant for all levels and will challenge each student at her/his own level.

Slow Flow - This class starts with a slow flow warm up (sun salutations, warrior and triangle series) and then slows down a workshop style to study a few poses in greater detail with optional prop use. The second half of the class starts with a mix of slow flow and relaxation. Classes end with slightly more dynamic exercises to re-energize and a few minutes of relaxation/ Savasana. Slow Flow is for all levels.

Power - Power yoga is vinyasa with the volume turned up! More strength and endurance based poses, same great flow, for full body workout. Props and modifications can be used to access more challenging poses. Plan to sweat and move. A LOT!

Special Events

Wine and Yoga Nights

Join us for our monthly wine and yoga event on Friday, September 16th! The cost is $25 for yoga, wine and conversation :)

Kelli Jackson, impassioned fitness expert turned yogi, created Zen Den with her blood, sweat, and tears because of an undying urge to build a community centered around yoga. Soon after, some like-minded friends of Kelli's joined her in her mission because they agreed with her values and shared her desire. Zen Den is a non-competitive, no-frills studio that focuses on amazing yoga, unmatched customer service, and humble community contribution. And we can't wait for you to see what we can do.